windows 7 ultimate sp1 x32 lite v3


 حصرى نسخة ويندوز 7 بحجم 565 ميجا windows 7 ultimate sp1 x32 lite v3 ومحدثه لشهر يونيو على اكثر من سيرفر
Windows 7 ultimate sp1 x64 lite IE9
its bootable iso.
u can burn iso to usb or sd card pendrive
use ultra iso or similar software
do not waste cd dvd’s

To convert ISO to USB
1 Insert USB stick
2 Open UltraISO, then “File”, then “Open”, and navigate to ISO
3 Click “Bootable” tab, then “Write Disk Image”
4 Select USB stick with dropdown arrow
5 Click “Write”
6 Done!

about windows update
Windows update doesn’t like if you touch WinSxS. It will just install the system update readiness tool,
which will re-install a bunch of shit into WinSxS, and then updates will fail because they attempt to update stuff that doesn’t exist.
Some updates will install, others will not. Generally, the ones that will not install is due to stuff being removed, and it can’t update what isn’t there

Install side by of ur main os on freshly formatted drive
Internet Explorer and windows media player,codec,win sat not present
u can not install IE u have to use firefox,Chrome or similar browser

iso size is 565 mb
install.wim size is 475 mb only
windows installation size 1.6 gb
(u can install this on 2.2 gb drive)
most of tweaks r added











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