Disclaimer: Playboy.one is a Personal Blog and not one of “Playboy Enterprises, Inc” websites, there is absolutely no relationship between Playboy.one personal blog and the trademark: “Playboy Enterprises, Inc“, we have chosen Playboy as a Generic word, you will find below the meaning of the Generic word Playboy in English, French and Arabic:

English: A Playboy is a man dedicated to chasing pieces of ass around, while sworn to a life of debauchery. He professes his love to all and commits to no one. (you can say for example: “Dam! That dude is a fucking PlayBoy! He shagged Jennifer yesterday morning, he fucked her sister in the evening, and now hes gonna get laid by Monica.”)

French: Playboy est un homme jeune, riche, séduisant, désinvolte, recherchant les plaisirs de la vie et en particulier les conquêtes féminines.

بلاي بوي: هو الفتى اللعوب الذي يحب النساء والمال والمتعة (Arabic)

Playboy.one can be seen as: The PlayBoy Number One, so the extension “one” gives a Human and descriptive meaning to the word Playboy in Playboy.one, so please do not confuse this personal blog with the well known website Playboy.com, They are totally differents, moreover this blog is in Arabic, and as you know 95% of the Arab countries are Muslim and do not recognize the Playboy trademark it is not authorized in Arabic Countries because of its activity (Illegal, Haram), choosing an Arabic ccTLD for this blog is impossible, because the keyword playboy is not allowed in Arabic Countries, here is the output: (https://www.heberjahiz.com/fr/whois.php) when choosing to register playboy.ma for example:

“Domain Name: playboy.ma
Domain Status: Prohibited String – Object Cannot Be Registered
Notes: This name is not allowed by the policy of this registry, and can not be registered
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2015-06-22T10:19:31.364Z”

So the gTLD “.one” was the perfect choice for the name of my blog 🙂